Cynthia- Persona Activity


She values success, punctuality, focus, hard work, independence, and solitude. She is responsible. She takes criticism poorly and blames herself for most of her problems so she can be defensive and hurt but uses it to work even harder (driven). She cares about the way she looks and she likes to be in control. Very organized and concerned with aesthetics. These things do not mean she is superficial though.

She tries to overcompensate for her insecurities.

Hurricane Irma

Weather Channel Hurricane Central

Until our brief class discussion about Hurricane Irma, I hadn’t given too much thought on the impending storm. I rarely watch the news anymore so I haven’t stayed up-to date on Irma’s path. I knew about it, but now that its path is changing I’ve become even more worried.

In fact, it didn’t really hit me until just a few hours ago. It was when I took my normal commute home and the drive took me one hour longer than usual due to traffic. All the extra time stuck in traffic had me noticing things a little more, like the countless cars with Florida license plates. It seems like many people are heeding the advice to evacuate their homes in Florida and I am glad that they are trying to stay safe. Unfortunately, my own brother and sister-in-law live there and they are not evacuating. I think it’s really hard to leave your home even if you are warned. And I actually think because Hurricane Harvey was so destructive, more people are taking this new threat seriously. But not everyone is going to, or is even able to, evacuate from the dangerous threat.

Weather Channel Hurricane Central

Now that I’ve watched some of the news, it’s even scarier to think that Atlanta could be just a category one hit. To think any central part of a state, like Orlando or Atlanta, could be hit by a hurricane seems strange to me. I’m not a meteorologist, and I know this has happened in the past before, but whenever I think hurricane threats, I think coasts. And after seeing all the stories out of Harvey, I’m even more worried. More so, Irma is currently hitting the Caribbean (as a category five) and causing immense damage. It’s easy to forget about places outside of the U.S. when we are in a threat as well, but this storm is dangerous to thousands and thousands of people all over. When I think about how many people may lose their possessions and homes, I feel helpless. Mother Nature is one of the few things that can’t be overpowered, and in cases like these, there is nothing to do but to just weather the storm.  The best anyone can do is stay informed and stay as safe as possible. The hurricane’s path can change in the coming days and it’s good to take precautions. With the current projected path, people are already wisely doing so. Parts of coastal Georgia have declared a state of emergency. I have a friend who attends school in Charleston, SC, and her school has already canceled until mid-next week to allow for travel. As the saying goes, it is always better to be safe than rather than sorry.

If I try to relate this all back to class, I can easily see persuasion in the language and acts of everyone. The news covering the hurricane’s trajectory is convincing enough to me, but when you add in their language, like “powerful” and “category five,” the threat becomes even more imminent. Not only that, but the constant photos, videos, and stories offered by the news persuade people even more. This is the more pathos or emotional side to the persuasion. Just driving home and seeing a significant amount of florida plates is convincing enough of the gravity of the situation. Additionally, because the recent aftermath of Hurricane Harvey is fresh on everyone’s minds and Irma is already affecting the Caribbean, it’s not hard to imagine how far the storm could go.

Until the storm has passed, I hope everybody can stay informed, stay in-touch with family and friends, and most importantly, stay safe.

Resources to Stay Informed:

Website Coverage (Most Locations): Weather Channel Hurricane Central

Radio Coverages (Florida): Radio Station Coverage


Toulmin’s Argumentation Model: Letter Analysis

The first component that is easiest to determine in this letter is the argument’s claim which is revealed in the statement “your ER, is a culture toxic to the notion of “excellent care” (Arrington).

The next component is data. After our class discussion, I think I first need to determine what “data” is. If data is the accumulation of different people’s agreement, this letter would not contain “data.” But I also believe that because this letter still reveals the accumulation of multiple poor experiences with the hospital it should be classified as “evidence” instead. Therefore, there is no suggestion that there were multiple survey cards or feedback collected just by using the word “data.”  The evidence of the letter is the multiple returning trips back to the hospital.  Every time Mrs. A and her father returned to the hospital signaled that the hospital failed to do its job during their previous trip.

Because the evidence or “data” portion of the argument is not plainly illustrated, I don’t believe there is a warrant portion of this argument either. Instead the letter offers numerous backings and while they may be personal accounts, they still offer vital evidence for this specific argument. There are many backings that can include everything from the experience of conversing with a “curt” or “rude” front desk employee to the catty nurses discussing about patients inappropriately in public. Even more so, the general accounts of the  hospital’s failure in “looking after” someone’s health provides a strong backing to the claim. For instance, the simple procedure of checking bathroom habits after a surgery is one even I am aware of, and I am not a nurse or have I had surgery. It’s incredible that a hospital staff could forget, or even worse, neglect such a simple but vital procedure. These are all convincing backings to support the claim that North hospital does not have excellent service.

The rebuttal can be found towards the closing of the letter in order to address any anticipated return arguments. For example, lines like “I’m no expert of course and cannot offer recommendations for how to address the problems that led to my father’s specific misdiagnosis” and “the nature of medicine, particularly in the ER, is a matter of guesswork, very educated guesswork” offer the other side to the argument which conveys that the arguer can look at both sides rationally further strengthening her overall argument (Arrington). In addition, she immediately readdresses why the hospital’s poor behavior and service should still not be excused: “But I would like to suggest to you that the problems extend beyond one nurse or one doctor. Obviously this is true; my father’s multiple trips to the ER…in the care of different nurses and doctors there” (Arrington). This again, restrengthens her argument.

Finally, the letter uses the modal component of Toulin’s model with strong expressive language like, “obviously,”  and “absolutely” which reinforce the evidence’s connection to the argument’s claim.

While the letter may not incorporate each individual component of the Toulin’s model specifically, it uses a variation of them all and still successfully develops an argument with support.