General Topics Exercise (with Danielle Pines)

Anything done with premeditation and care is greater (better or worse) than anything done accidentally or out of necessity.

  • Premeditated murder is greater (worse) than murder done by accident or out of necessity.
  • Random acts of kindness are greater (better) than premeditated acts of kindness.

What is scarcer is preferable to what is more abundant if value is the issue. 

  • Fresh water is preferable to salt water.
  •  Sick people are more preferable to doctors than healthy people.

People prefer newer things to older things.

  • Smart phones are more preferable than a landline.
  • Nostalgic items are more preferable to newer items. (better because older? scarcer? more expensive?
  • Primary sources are more preferable than secondary sources. (not necessarily copies)

Original is preferable to a copy. 

  • Primary sources are more preferable than secondary sources.
  • Mutation strand of disease is more preferable than original disease for vaccinations. (conditions ok? not general anymore?)

A preference for fine things is better than a preference for common or cheap things. 

  • Sit down restaurant is better than fast food.

….Fast food is better than sit down restaurant (The immediate is preferable to the delayed.) 

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