Persona Activity


1.  My audience likely values art and creativity. The audience is an artist and enjoys speaking out in creative ways and artistic ways. He also most likely values autonomy, as he does not like to be influenced or controlled. He enjoys his own independence.

2. He admires many famous artists who are not afraid to use their medium to speak out and spark conversations. Artists like Andres Serrano’s and his controversial photography, as well as David Černý, a sculptor from Czech Republic.

3. He pretends to admire Picasso and Andy Warhol. He does not see their art as innovative like most others, but simple. He pretends to admire these two over other artists only because their art is “considered” innovative or different which is what he strives to achieve.

4. What he longs for most is prestige. He wants his art to be widely known and respected. As an artist he does not long for anything more than that.

5. The artist’s biggest fear is people misinterpreting his message and likely losing respect of his art after that. He wants his message to be clear and precise in a way where people could not misinterpret but he fears he does not do this well enough.

6. He tries to live life without regrets except he does worry and regret any time people lose the meaning of his work.

Way of Life

1.  Artist

2. He keeps the same persona at home as he does in public. He believes in showing his true personality and ideas to establish a public persona and brand for his artistry.

3. His job is his identity. He does not separate his creativity, or beliefs, from work and “normal” life.

5. He is not married.

6. No religious affiliation.

7. He has a varied income because he is an artist. His income potential depends on how much work he is in progress with and who or where the work is for. The work also depends on his popularity as an artist.

8. New York City, Manhattan

9. Highrise Apartment in Manhattan

10. He has lived in New York his whole life, but has traveled many places in the U.S. and outside of the U.S. such as European destinations like Paris, Italy, and Prague.

11. Bachelors Degree in Art.



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