Sculpture Terminology (for my RAP)

Before completing my RAP, I wanted to make a list of possible terms I could use while writing as a “New York Arts” blogger. All of these terms are technical, but in the context of my artifact I found a few ironic terms and included them with a mention after their artistic definitions.

This list’s main purpose is to provide definitions to any jargon I may use while writing so anyone who is not in my intended audience of artists still knows what they mean. Since the New York Arts journal is more cultural art based, I likely won’t use many, if any, jargon, but it was still interesting to learn some new terminology. It helped me get into my role of an art and culture critic.

Terms I thought might come to use:

Anatomical – Structural make-up of human or animal body parts.

Amorphous – Having no defined shape or form such as free form sculpture.

Brass – Alloy consisting of copper and zinc.

Bronze – A combination of copper and tin; the compound may vary in proportions of each.

Female – The negative half of a mold or die.

(I thought this was one of the ironic terms given the context of my artifact’s situation. I am not an artist and I believe that “negative” in this sense here does not mean what we generally define negative as. But from a feminist perspective and using the societal definition (or usual definition) of negative, the term pairs the word “female” and “negative” together. Considering my artifact’s attack on feminism, I felt like this term could have a different meaning for my RAP.

Fettling – Shaping an object.

Noxious – Harmful to humans.

(This is also a clear artistic term, probably referencing dangerous chemicals when inhaled, but relating it specifically back to my artifact I like to think of the “Pissing Pug” as harmful to humans.

Polishing – The final process, if desired, in finishing a piece of sculpture.

Sculptor – A person who creates sculpture.

Tacky – Not yet dry or set. A sticky state of rubber before setting or curing.

(Again, here tacky has an artistic meaning but it is also widely known as showing poor taste. Adding the dog statue to take away from someone else’s art is poor taste or “tacky.”

Volume – Amount of space occupied by a model measured in cubic units.


Glossary site used:

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