TED Talk Notes

Non-verbal communication-body language

  • People make sweeping judgments based on body language
  • We are affected by our own body language
  • We tend to do the opposite of someone’s body language, not mirror them
  • Gender affects body language (women chronically feel less powerful than men)?
  • Do our non-verbals govern how we think and feel about ourselves?

Rhetorical Techniques

  • Has the audience participate right away, makes the argument about us (personal)
  • Uses relevant figures for visuals (considers the order just so there is no implication of a sequence)
  • she considers her own body language
  • “you” is intentional, names names–builds her ethos
  • anecdotal evidence that shouldn’t be persuasive but is rhetorically
  • barely any words used in her own presentation, mostly visuals and then her additional own statements
  • she was just talking to us, knew what she was saying (Five Canons: Memory)

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